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Large-cap Market capitalization of companies’ stocks with market value that exceeds $10 billion.
Last Price The most recently reported trading price for an equity or a futures contract.
Leverage Investment strategy of using borrowed money for the use of various financial or borrowed capital to increase the potential return of an investment.
Liability Company’s legal financial debts or obligations to another party that are not yet paid for.
Liquid Asset The asset that could easily be converted to cash and usually recorded in current asset of a balance sheet.
Liquid Market A market that have many available buyers and sellers with a small increment in price change, usually like futures, forex, bonds and stocks.
Liquidity Ability to convert asset into money readily.
Liquidity Risk Risk that the investor will have to sell the bond below its indicated value.
Listed Security Financial instrument that is traded through an exchange which it is listed.
Listed Stock The stocks or shares of a company that are traded on a stock exchange. Companies must pay fees to be listed and adhere to the rules and regulations of the registered securities exchange.
Long Term Liability Company’s financial debt or obligations that are due for more than a year.
Low Price The lowest price of a stock in a day in recent or current trading session.
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