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Impairment Permanent reduction in the value of assets owned by the company.
In the Money (ITM) An an option has value in a strike price that is favorable in comparison to the prevailing market price.
Income Statement A statement that shows a company’s revenues, expenses, taxes and net income.
Income Tax Money that individuals and companies owe to the government, based on the income they make.
Index A portfolio consisting securities that represent a particular market or a segment of the market.
Index Components The equity securities comprising the Index from time to time.
Index Futures Futures contracts of a financial index that the investors could buy or sell today to be settled at a future date.
Inflation Rise in the price of goods and services, usually associated with loss of purchasing power.
Information Ratio Ratio of excess return to risk taken. Hence, a measure of risk-adjusted return.
Initial Public Offerings Process in which a private company offer shares to the public by issuing new stock.
Insider Trading Illegally trading in shares when in possession of price-sensitive information that is not known to the market.
Instrument A tradable asset or negotiable item such as a security, commodity, derivative or index, or any item that underlies a derivative.
Intangible Assets Assets that is not physical in nature.
Intellectual Capital An assets that defined as collection of all informational resources of a company.
Interest Rate The amount of the lender or buyer charge to issuer/seller for the use of assets of percentage of the principal.
Interim Dividend Dividend payment that is made before the annual general meeting and publishing of final financial statements.
Interim Statement A financial report that covered a duration of less than one year and does not have to be audited.
Issue Price The price of new shares offered for sale when it become available to the public.
Issued Shares Authorized shares shown in the company’s annual report, that is sold to and held by the shareholders.
Issuer The individual, government or corporate entity that sells securities to finance its operation.
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