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Earning Per Share (EPS) Profit made by the company divided by the number of outstanding shares of the common stock and is an indicator for company’s profitability.
Earning Surprise Strategies Measures by how much a company’s reported earnings differ from expectations, relatives to the stock’s price
Earnings Net income of a company for a specific period.
EBIT Earnings before interest and taxes and also referred as operating profit.
EBITDA Earnings before interest and taxes, depreciation and amortization and a measure of company’s overall financial performance.
Economic growth Usually refers to GDP growth.
Emerging Markets Countries whose stock markets are considered less developed or developing.
Equity Company’s total assets minus total liabilities and refers to the amount of money to be returned to the shareholders.
Equity Fund A mutual fund that invests primarily in common or preferred stock.
Equity Market A market where the shares are issued and traded, either public stocks or private stocks and through exchanges or over-the-counter markets.
Exchange A platform for trading of securities, derivatives, commodities and other financial instruments.
Exchange Rate Risk Bond whose payments are not in the domestic currency of portfolio manager has unknown cash flows with the individual domestic currency.
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Investment funds that are listed on the Exchange and can be traded just like ordinary shares.
Ex-Dividend Interval between a stock’s announcement and payment of the next dividend.
Ex-Dividend Date The date when a stock goes ex-dividend and is usually about 3 weeks before the dividend is paid out.
Expense Ratio Total percentage of fund assets used for administrative, management, advertising, and all other expenses.
Exponential Moving Average A moving average that places a greater weight and significance on the most recent data points.
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