202% return in 15 minutes, risk free

This is our first article for this investing website. To begin with our investing philosophy journey, let’s start by discussing small investment opportunities that occurred around us.

It is not by investing into a money game or any “skim cepat kaya”, however an investment with a high return as much as 202% is achievable in our daily life. Our life is actually full of micro investing opportunities if we look at it carefully. One of the “investments” is through the Foodpanda apps.

We always hear complaints by the business owners about high commission rates, about 20 to 30% charged by their delivery partner. A lot of complaints being made too in social media that food delivery riders grumbled about their income being squeezed by their company under the new payment scheme. People usually think the delivery company rake in high profits, but this is really not the case. Food delivery company face huge loss in the past few years as the promotion and discount they gave to the apps’ customers are far more than the profit earned from restaurants. However, the promotion and discounts also act as means for them to increase the number of app users/ customers. As customers, since they gave out promotion and discounts, we could make a good use of it as part of our small investment.

Here is an example,

We chose the “pick up” option in Foodpanda apps from our beloved fast food restaurant “Burger King”, and selected to buy three Fish’n Crisp Sandwich”.

The original price is RM9.40 x 3 = RM28.20

In current month promotion, we are entitled for 35% discount if we choose to pick up the food and the if order value is more than RM25. Thus, the net price is RM28.2 x 65% = RM18.33

It doesn’t stop here. We haven’t key in the promo code yet!

In current July 2020 promotion, we can use the code “PANDAPERFECT” for RM9 further discount if our order value is more than RM18. (For selected restaurant only)

So, the final price came up to RM18.33 – RM9 = RM9.33

That means each Fish’ n Crisp Sandwich at Burger King costed only RM3.11. Our initial capital of RM9.33 is giving us RM28.20 worth of food, which generates a whopping 202% in return for us, in just 15 minutes pick up time, and it is totally risk free. Do note that we haven’t calculate the profit we earned in extra member points and badges in Foodpanda Challenges Games yet, Credit card points/ cashback earned with payment through credit card. With monthly interest saving as we don’t actually make the cash payment, we only have to settle the RM9.33 payment in credit card one month later, interest free. The return is actually more than 202%!

You may find it frustrating as the return income is merely RM18.87. However, this is a good practice for you to start monitoring your surroundings, and always observe and calculate. It is the same practice as a professional investor whom always looks for bargain hunting, profit opportunity and weighting the stock in every possibility.


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